Bridal Registry Questions

How do I register?

You can register online with us here or visit one of our stores and use our scannable registry system. Or if you are wanting to set up an appointment for more personalized service, our bridal consultants can be reached by texting us at 307.733.2640 to set up an appointment, help you over the phone or via zoom.

How do I receive my gifts?

Belle Cose gives you Bridal Account Credit for any purchases made off your registry. Instead of receiving random shipments, keeping track of gift notes and not getting what you truly need, we use Bridal Account Credit. You will receive a personal email for each gift that includes all the details of the item you are receiving, who it's from and their note to you. You will then accumulate credit for those gifts in your own Registry Account kept on file here at Belle Cose. When you are ready, you can fulfill the items on your registry or elect to spend that credit on any merchandise from any of our stores. This credit does not expire. Gone are the days of receiving 12 teacups and 0 dinner plates, you are in charge of how your wedding credit gets spent!

What is Bridal Account Credit?

Bridal Account Credit is how we fulfill your registry and keep track of your gifts. The value of gifts purchased off your registry is applied as a store credit under your name, unless the giver has physically taken the gift with them. This credit accumulates as more gifts are purchased for you. At whatever point you chose, most couples wait until a few weeks after their wedding, you can let us know how you want to spend that credit. Some couples use the credit for items they registered for while others find their needs have changed since their registry was started and then they use the credit at their discretion. The Bridal Account Credit never expires and can be used in any of our stores or online.

What if I want to receive my gifts now?

You are always welcome to call or text us at 307.733.2640 or respond to your Bridal Account Credit notification e-mail and let us know you want a specific item to ship now. If we do not hear from you, we will hold the item as a Bridal Account Credit. And of course, your guests are always welcome to take items from our sales floor directly to your party.

What if I get a gift I don't want?

Because we use Bridal Account Credit, you never need to deal with the hassle of a return. The item will be left on your account as a registry credit which you can use at any time for anything in our stores. If the gift giver buys an item not on your registry or an item you want to return, we can simply return the item for credit on this same registry account.

What if I lose a Bridal Account Credit e-mail?

No need to worry. We keep track of all of your registry purchases and credit in your registry account which is kept on file at our stores.

How long do registries remain online?

All registries will remain online for one year after the date of the wedding.

When should I register?

We suggest you register 6-9 months before your wedding. This will give your family and friends enough opportunity to purchase for showers and the wedding. We also suggest that you check in with your registry online as the wedding date approaches, this will allow you to fill-in with new items or add more items to keep your registry fully stocked.

Can I register for Gift Cards?

Yes, you certainly can. And these gift cards can be used at any of our stores.

How often are registries updated?

Items purchased off your registry online are updated immediately within 24 hours. Items purchased in our physical stores for your registry are updated within 72 hours.