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Every collection of Luxury Designer Jewelry has a beginning. To start this journey of selecting your personally styled Heather B. Moore Jewelry Collection, you begin with a Chain. That sets the mood for reflecting your style as found with this classicly created 2MM Sterling Silver Chain. You have launched your beginning that will grow with you as you add individually selected charms to set the mood or feel of your desired look. With this chain, the fun begins and will be yours for years to come. It never goes out of style, you can add or subtract charms to suit your occasion. The adventure is just a click away or something to add when you visit one of our locations.

  • 16" Length: STCH-NE-2211
  • 18" Length: STCH-NE-2212
  • 20" Length: STCH-NE-2213
  • 24" Length: STCH-NE-2214
  • 31" Length: STCH-NE-2215

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