Limited Edition Spotted Sand Piper On Driftwoold

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Limited Edition Size = 200

Mother nature perfected him and now Herend’s artists have immortalized the famous little shorebird often found darting along the water’s edge doing his memorable bobbing dance. With stilt-like legs designed for standing in water and a long beak ideal for digging for coastal creatures, the sandpiper is a common presence along beaches (but can actually be found anywhere with water). In the hands of Herend’s artists, the sandpiper dramatically makes his debut from his striking coloration to the swirls of texture on the driftwood to the natural painting on the shells so detailed they appear plucked from nature. Accented with 24K Gold Painted delicate touches of Glamour.

  • Dimensions: 9in L X 6.25in H
  • Care & Use: Dust to clean; rinse; dry
  • Made in Hungary

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