HEREND Multicolor Peregrine Falcon

Multicolor Peregrine Falcon

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Limited Edition Size = 175

The name "Peregrine" means wanderer, and the Peregrine Falcon is one of the world’s most widespread raptors. When hunting, it is known for spectacular dives with wings closed, called “stoops”, that can begin up to 3,000 feet above its intended target and reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour as it drops towards its prey. Considered an elite predator, immortalizing it in porcelain required an equally dramatic figurine. Power was the guiding mantra for the sculptor’s tool from the bold talons, the jagged rock, and the unflinching stare of a highly efficient hunter. To complete the picture, painters used a complex combination of strong strokes and delicate, intricate touches that speak to the falcon’s synthesis of force and precision.

This falcon sports added features of 24K Gold handpainted touches to add to the majestic nature of this powerful bird.

  • Dimensions: 5"L X 3.75"W X 10.5"H
  • Care & Use: Dust to clean or rinse & dry
  • Made in Hungary

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